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Canadian Muslim Lawyers to Educate Citizens on Their Rights

The death of George Floyd has sent shock waves across the world, with many now wondering and being gripped with concern over safety.

In reacting to this, a group of Muslim lawyers have devised a plan to go virtual on Saturday, June 13, to have conversations and presentations on citizens’ rights.

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“As the Black Muslim Initiative, we hope to provide the Black community with resources to inform and empower ourselves to protect ourselves,” the event, shared by Muslim Link, read.

“Join us on June 13 for an interactive ‘Know Your Rights’ session on Interacting with Law Enforcement.”

Canadian Muslim Lawyers to Educate Citizens on Their Rights - About Islam

The session, from 2pm-4pm, is organized by the Black Muslim Initiative in partnership with the Canadian Muslim Lawyers Association (CMLA).

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Guests include lawyers Hussein Aly and Ayderus Alawi who will answer participants’ questions, and Kofi Achampong to moderate.

The CMLA advocates in areas of interest to Muslims across Canada, approaching issues from a perspective informed by the legal expertise of its members.

The Black Muslim Initiative is collective of individuals who came together to engage in activism around anti-Black racism and Islamophobia.

Thus far, little attention has been paid to understanding the intersection of being both Black and Muslim in Canada.

The aim of the initiative is to raise awareness of these issues, anti-Black racism, and Islamophobia. This will accordingly improve dialogue and enact change, beginning with Muslim communities.

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