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Cambridge City Hosts Islamic Heritage Display to Educate, Spread Love

As Canada celebrates October as Islamic Heritage month, Cambridge city hall hosted an event this month to spread knowledge about Islamic civilization and foster more understanding inside the community.

The event, hosted by Muslim Women of Cambridge until October 29, features historic artifacts, calligraphy, profiles of Muslim figures and significant food, CBC reported.

“Conversations like this bring people together … to know each other more as a neighbor and as a friend, to learn about each other,” said Abiha Syed, co-chair and one of the founding members of the group that launched in 2017.

“It’s with the hope that we can reduce hate and spread more love,” she said.

The display also includes a miniature Ka`bah, which is at the center of Masjid al-Haram in Makkah, and offers free hijabs for people as well.

“Muslim heritage is rich in a sense that all the scholars, learners, scientists, mathematicians, authors have … made huge, huge investments of their time and did enormous work,” said Fauzia Wafai, the group’s community engagement coordinator.  

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Educating Others

Mayor Kathryn McGarry visited the display on Monday, speaking with members of the group.

“This is why it’s so important to have these kinds of displays. It educates others; it helps us to understand the richness of all of our cultures,” said McGarry. “We are a diverse inclusive community. This helps to celebrate this particular aspect of our diversity.”

“I am hoping that everybody who visits the city of Cambridge downstairs right now comes past the display during October to see what we’re all about,” she said.

Canada annually celebrates Islamic History Month in the whole month of October, and the focus this year is on sharing the culinary contributions of Muslims to health, wellness, social peace, and societal harmony.

Celebrating Islamic History Month in Canada (IHMC) annually aims to celebrate and share with fellow Canadians the rich Muslim heritage and contributions to society.

Back in 2007, honorable and departed, Mauril Belanger, MP, for Ottawa-Vanier proclaimed IHMC. The cities of Kingston, Burnaby, and the province of Manitoba also proclaimed the event.