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Calgary’s Event Showcases Muslim Children Entrepreneurship Skills in Bazar

Long centuries ago, trade via the Silk Route became the second largest factor in spreading Islam throughout Europe, Africa and Asia, as the Muslim traders became renowned for their qualities of honesty, trustworthiness and good character.

Seeking to encourage our Muslim children to continue the entrepreneurial legacy, Calgary’s Al Salam Islamic center hosted the second annual Silk Route Children’s Bazaar on Saturday, June 3.

Children, aged 6-16, stood in 36 booths, with some creating products or services, developing a brand, or contacting customers in the one-day marketplace.

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“[They] develop confidence in themselves,” said Shazia Awan-Qureshi, of Calgary Muslim Homeschoolers, CTV News reported.

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“And [in] their ability to sell in a marketplace and to learn from that experience.”

“I crocheted a hat and sold stuff,” said entrepreneur Wadid Moura. “And then I also have plants, which I have a part-time job with my neighbor where she grows them. I sell them, we split 50-50 and then 20 per cent goes to saving a horse from slaughter.”

“It’s not just like something [that’s] easy to do,” said entrepreneur Ibrahim Yassin. “But if you put in the hard work, you can do it.”

This event was sponsored by Acton Academy, the Acton School of Business, and a group of donors and volunteers.