Brooklyn Muslims Host Meal for Unity

NEW YORK – An American Muslim non-profit organization has invited people of different backgrounds to share a meal that symbolized unity and peace in their Sunset Park community in Brooklyn.

“It is an honor to have such amazing allies and friends who are not afraid to break down walls to get to know their neighbors,” said Mohamed Bahe, founder and director of Muslims Giving Back, a non-profit organization that tries to fight hunger by providing food to less fortunate, Brooklyn Reporter reported on Monday, July 17.


“It is extremely empowering toward our community to see such beautiful people willing to reach out and help towards our well-being. It shows us that love does indeed trump all forms of hate.”

Organizers of the event confirmed that it is very important to host similar gatherings at a time when levels of anti-Muslim violence reached an unprecedented rate over the past few months.

Along with Muslims Giving Back, the event, held at the Muslim Community Center, 5218 Third Avenue, was co-organized by Action Corps NYC and Love Trumps Hate Sunset Park, a grassroots organization that works on bridging the gap between new neighbors and undocumented families

“The Muslim community, with all communities of color, has been hit especially hard by the hateful rhetoric and policies of the Trump administration,” Council member Carlos Menchaca, who attended the event, said.

“I’m proud to stand with my Muslim brothers and sisters, with immigrants, and with all of those who support love over hate, unity over xenophobia, and say ‘we will not be divided.’ I will continue to fight hate in all its forms and support dignity of all people as councilmember for District 38.”

Uniting people of different interests, the inclusive nature of the dinner sends a message of unity and solidarity.

“Everyone should have a seat at the table,” said Isaac Evans-Frantz of Action Corps NYC, a group that focuses on US policies on foreign aid, food and climate.

“Muslim groups played a pivotal role in our group’s International Women’s Day event several years ago, and ever since have been kind and committed allies.”

“This community dinner provides a wonderful platform and opportunity for three separate groups to come together for a common purpose,” added Founder of Love Trumps Hate Sunset Park Shanna Castillo, adding that she hopes the sign of unity will become a trend.

“It is important to express to our Muslim neighbors that they are not alone and that they are welcomed and respected in our community. I am encouraged that this will be the first of many community bonding experiences.”