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Black American Group Counters Islamophobia, Supports NZ Muslims

NEW YORK – Muslim Anti-Racism Collaborative (MuslimARC) has issued a statement to show solidarity with victims and survivors of New Zealand Christchurch mosque massacre, urging unity to challenge hate violence.

“Our prayers are with the victims and survivors of the massacre and all people impacted by hate crimes. We join the many voices expressing solidarity,” Muslim ARC statement read.

“As an organization dedicated to anti-racism education, we are committed to building a just and inclusive world where diversity is seen as an asset rather than a threat.”

Terrorist Brenton Harrison Tarrant killed 50 Muslim worshippers in Friday’s attacks as he targeted Al Noor and Linwood mosques.

The non-profit organization urged unity between different faiths and groups to build resilience and cope with trauma.

“We must show up for one another to create communities of care,” it said.

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“As an education organization, we provide anti-racism resources to guide our actions. Together, we can resist racism, Islamophobia, and xenophobia.”

Black American Group Counters Islamophobia, Supports NZ Muslims - About Islam

White Supremacy

The group also warned against the rising threat of white supremacy either online or on the ground in different countries.

“Anti-Semitism, anti-Black racism, native genocide, and Anti-Muslim animus sit at the core of White Supremacy,” it said.

“We live in a time of perpetual war and weekly instances of state violence against Muslims and those perceived to be Muslim.”

It also highlighted the media role in creating a climate of fear in which white nationalism arise.

“From a human rights framework, the dehumanization of Muslim minorities in media and by government officials in our current climate of a heightening white nationalism raises red flags,” Muslim ARC said.

“When those in power endorse, excuse, or minimize vigilante hate, societies tip closer to the possibility of genocide and crimes against humanity.”

MuslimARC said they work to develop strategies to build multifaith, multiracial solidarity, using a Critical Anti-Islamophobia Approach, which focuses on identifying root causes and organizing for systems change.

“We must collectively act to disrupt vigilante hate crimes, such as what we have seen in New Zealand, as well as counter policies that criminalize and targeting marginalized communities,” it said.

“Hate crimes do not occur in a vacuum. White supremacist violence is more than the actions of a lone wolf. When hate is created and supported by state policies and officials, we cannot expect endeavors to generate interpersonal connections to decrease the resulting bias and violence.”

MuslimARC is a human rights education organization which work consists of raising awareness and training Muslim communities on issues of racial justice.

Though the majority of its members are currently in the United States, the group stands in solidarity with oppressed people and incorporate global voices.