American Muslims Mourn Death of a Humanitarian Muslim Activist

American Muslim scholars and community members mourned the death of a leading Muslim activist who passed away on Wednesday, December 18, after a life full of teaching, mentoring, and educating the community with the most sincere spirit of love.

“A special sister has left us. She was a pillar in her community, always a volunteer, and always inspiring. Sr. Iman Jasim, a mother, a mentor, and a teacher,” imam Omar Suleiman wrote on Facebook.

“May Allah forgive her, raise her rank, and grant her Paradise.”


Jasim (Um Omar) was an immigrant from Iraq, a teacher, a leader, an author, a humanitarian, and a mother of six.

She passed away on Wednesday in Dearborn Heights at the age of 58.

American Muslims across the country are expressing their loss.

“I am devastated,” Linda Sarsour, co-chair of the Women’s March, posted on Facebook.

“Just learned that Um Umar from Michigan has passed away. She is a legend, a leader and a mentor to hundreds. She was one of the most productive and humble leaders in the country and had committed her entire life to help orphans.”

American Muslims Mourn Death of a Humanitarian Muslim Activist - About Islam

“One of the last posts sister Iman Jasim (Om Omar Jasim. mother of Omar, Abdullah, shaymaa, Afraa, Fidaa, and Duaa) wrote yesterday before she returned to her Lord today,” Mohannad Hakeem wrote on Facebook.

“I learned today that a deceased person does not only receive sincere duaa from family and children but also from brothers and sisters and the rest of the Muslim community; ya Allah don’t deprive us from the duaa of our brothers and sisters in faith”

Imam Suleiman Hani, a Muslim leader in Cambridge, Massachusetts, also wrote, “Our beloved teacher and community member, Umm Omar Iman Jasim, has returned to Allah (swt). She has taught and benefited countless people for several decades, including her extraordinary children and grandchildren, and I count myself among them.”

“Umm Omar was one of my first and most impactful teachers and continued to teach the community and to serve Allah’s creation until she returned to Him.”

Detroit Free Press
Detroit Free Press

Legacy of Hope

Shortly before her death, Jasim’s son Abdullah prepared an Umrah trip as a gift but she declined and asked that the money should go to orphans. She passed away on the same day scheduled for the Umrah.

“The money that will be spent on this trip can be used to help the orphans live comfortably for a year,” she told him.

Maintaining her legacy of hope and charity, a crowdfunding campaign was created after she passed away to achieve her dream of sponsoring as many orphans as possible. Within a day, about $113k were collected.

“One of the causes that were most dear to Sr. Iman’s heart was supporting orphans,” the Launchgood page wrote.

“She was a tireless advocate for orphans and has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars to sponsor orphans all over the world. We hope to continue her legacy today by collecting funds for orphans through this campaign.”

Jasim’s funeral service was held at the American Moslem Society (Masjid Dix), 9945 Vernor Hwy., on Thursday at 12:30 pm after duhur, or afternoon prayer.

The 48,000 square-foot mosque was overflowing with mourners from across the country.

After the funeral, Jasim’s son Omar Raad shared with family and friends that his mother “dedicated her life to serving others, and has left an irreplaceable void. There are no words that could articulate the loss we as a family feel right now. Please remember her and the entire family in your prayers,” Detroit Free Press reported.