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Afghani Elected Head of Republican’s Muslim Committee in California

  • Afghan-American Abdul Nasir Yasini appointed head of Republican Muslims Committee in California.
  • He is the first Afghan to be elected as the head of Muslims Committee at the state level.

An American Muslim has made history after being appointed the first Afghani head of the Republicans’ Muslims Committee in California.

“I am the first Afghan to be elected as the head of the Muslims Committee at the state level,” Abdul Nasir Yasini said in an interview with Pajhwok Afghan News.

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Yasini, 50, hails from Afghanistan’s Nangarhar province. He has lived in California for 20 years and runs his own business.

Yasini, the head of the Afghan Cultural Society in California, said they would appoint Muslim candidates in areas with large Muslim populations so that the candidate could pave his way to the Senate.

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He also promised to play an effective role in the government and policies of this country.

“I will try to work for Afghans and all Muslims not only in the state of California but at the national level to be considered as an effective political and social force in American politics.”

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Nisar Ahmad, head of the Indian Muslims in California, welcomed Yasini’s appointment. He also promised to work together for the welfare of Muslims.

A large number of Afghans live in California, and after the regime change in Afghanistan, thousands more arrived in the state.

In another story of success for Muslims, Aisha Wahab made history in November 2022 as the first Muslim and Afghan American elected to the California Senate.