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‘A Day in Her Hijab’ Brings Madison Students Together

Stigma surrounding Islamic headscarf or hijab has always been the worst challenge facing Muslim students.

To bring different cultures together, a Wisconsin college has hosted a hijab fun event to give students an opportunity to learn about hijab and Islam.

Organizing “A Day In Her Hijab” event on November 18, Ghaida Edris, a student at Madison College, proudly shared some of her religious and cultural traditions.

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As the smell of Arabic food mixed with music, the Libyan student helped those who were curious to try the hijab on.

“I hope people get to know all Hijab; I hope this will be eye-opening to get to know what really hijab means to Muslim women,” Edreis told The Clarion.

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Edreis was also grateful that Madison College gave her the chance to share some of her knowledge about Islam.

“I feel so proud now how Madison College represents the Muslim community,” Edreis added.

Diya Basima, another Muslim student at Madison college, was also super positive about the event.

“I’m so happy everyone likes the food and likes to try al hijab,” Basima said.

Islam sees hijab as an obligatory code of dress, not a religious symbol displaying one’s affiliations.