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8000 Muslims Attend 18th Annual Minnesota Convention

  • The annual Minnesota Muslim Convention brings together Muslims from across the state and beyond.
  • The convention has been held for 18 years and is described as a “spiritual retreat.”
  • The convention provides religious programming and youth programs.

Thousands of Muslims came together for the annual Minnesota Muslim Convention in Minneapolis on Saturday, September 16, getting a unique spiritual retreat and meeting members of the Muslim community from across the state.

The convention, held annually over the past 18 years, has been drawing attendees from across the state and beyond. This year’s event attracted more than 8000 attendees.

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“It’s something I love about Minnesota – I’m related to 50% of the people,” joked Canadian-raised emcee Boonaa Mohammed between speakers at the Minneapolis Convention Center on Saturday morning, MPR News reported.

The convention featured a wide variety of programming, including lectures, workshops, and panel discussions on a range of topics relevant to Muslims living in the United States.

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8000 Muslims Attend 18th Annual Minnesota Convention - About Islam

The bazaar also had a rich variety of products, ranging from henna to furniture and modest activewear.

“There’s just beautiful people who live around the Cities that you hardly see,” said real estate agent Fatoun Ali.

“And this is a time that they all come together and celebrate events and bring their ideas and businesses.”


Touching different aspects of American Muslim life, the event was praised by many youths who said the convention made them feel inspired.

“It’s nice to see a lot of people just like me, or similar to me, all at one place at one time,” said high school sophomore Nayad Ahmed, who volunteered to help with babysitting at the convention.

“That, you know, shows us the unity.”

The Minnesota Muslim Convention is an annual event that brings together Muslims from Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Iowa, and Wisconsin for a weekend of spiritual and educational programming.

It is the largest and most diverse convention in the five-state area, with attendees of all ages, backgrounds, and interests coming together to learn, connect, and grow.