11-Year-Old Muslim Boy Counters Trump Hate

TEXAS – An 11-year-old American Muslim of Mexican heritage has become a little star on social media, posting Facebook videos to challenge anti-minority rhetoric by presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump.

“I am Mexican and I am Muslim and I am Trump’s biggest nightmare,” said Andrew, an 11-year-old video blogger, Fusion reported on Tuesday, June 21.

Over the past weeks, the Texas fifth grader has been using his Facebook page as a tool to debate political issues and defend his faith and identity.

“I am Muslim and I am not a terrorist,” he says in one video.

He started his Facebook page with the help of his mother, Nahela Morales, when he was seven to keep in touch with his friends back in Mexico.

Later on, he turned to posting messages advocating for racial and religious tolerance, responding to xenophobic and racist comments in the news.

“My mom said if I wanted a Facebook page I have to manage it by myself, and I had to agree to that,” Andrew told me.

“I don’t have my own phone, I use my mom’s phone. I sometimes secretly take her phone to record a video to surprise her,” the boy, who will be allowed to get his own phone when he turns 12, added.

As a Mexican American, Andrew said he got angry when he heard about Trump’s plan to build a wall between the US and Mexico.

“I did not agree with any of the words he said, not one bit. He is negative and nasty,” Andrew said.

Now, his Facebook page has more than 5000 fans and he gets regular messages of support from parents.

“He has had parents call and write to him and thank him that their kids are watching him and that his message is impacting their homes,” Morales said.

“As a mom, it’s a blessing but also a responsibility because all eyes are on my child,” she said.

“I always tell him whatever you are going to talk about, make sure that you are on point with yourself.”