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100 Muslim Women, Youth Celebrate International Women’s Day in Ont.

Marking the event of the International Women’s Day, celebrated today across the globe, more than a hundred Muslim women and youth gathered at the Benson Center in Cornwall, Ontario, in recognition of female Muslim contributors in the community.

“We were a gathering of) over 100 Muslim ladies from Cornwall,” said Afia Chaudhry, one of the event organizers, Standard Freeholder reported.

“It was a great opportunity for Muslim ladies to meet, connect and network on common grounds,” Chaudhry said.

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The event, which included people from 15 countries who speak 20 different languages, was attended by Sen. Bernadette Clement, and Cornwall Couns. Carilyne Hébert and Sarah Good.

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It included inspirational speeches, and appreciation and recognition of Muslim female contributors in the Cornwall community.

Clement, the former Cornwall mayor, highlighted the gathering in a social media post earlier this week.

International Women’s Day is an important annual occasion.

Muslims already have the foundation for equality. International Women’s Day should be a reminder on how to support women’s freedoms and to better live life.

From roles as leaders, businesswomen, teachers, medics, as well as housewives, farmers, traders, advisers, and so much more Prophet Muhammad ensured that a woman’s gender was not an obstacle for her to achieve. And when the patriarchal society would object, the Prophet would correct their objection.