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Saudi Saves Elderly Pilgrim’s Life in Madinah

MADINAH – A Saudi man saved the life of a 60-year-old Turkish pilgrim in Madinah by performing first aid emergency to the man who suddenly fell unconscious.

“I immediately rushed to save the pilgrim and provide first aid, before the Red Crescent team arrived at the site, and within just two minutes, the pilgrim regained consciousness after several resuscitation attempts,” Fahd Ghuwaizi Al Harbi, a specialized nurse who works as a hotel receptionist, told Al-Arabiya.

The story started as Al Harbi was on duty at the reception of a Madinah hotel. Suddenly, a Turkish pilgrim lost consciousness and fainted.

Footage captured by CCTV of Al Harbi’s heroic rescue incident went viral among social media users.

The patient was then transferred to the hospital, as he suffered from hypertension and diabetes.

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Al Harbi holds a diploma in nursing and has also been awarded certificates proving his excellence in the field and practiced nursing in some private hospitals earlier. He has carried several volunteering emergency services during Haj season and Ramadan.

“We need to represent an honorable image for serving Hajj pilgrims in Saudi Arabia,” said Al Harbi who also visited the Turkish man at the hospital after completing his duty.