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Saudi Opens Four Mosques to Non-Muslims

JEDDAH – Offering non-Muslims a chance to get acquainted with the Islamic civilization and traditions, Saudi authorities have instructed four mosques in Jeddah to open their doors to all faiths, in the first such decision in history.

According to Saudi media, the four mosques are located in Jeddah, the gate to the Two Holy Mosques, Al-Arabiya reported on Monday, May 30.

They are: Al-Rahma (providence), Al-Taqwa (piety), King Fahd and King Saud mosques.

Imam of Quba mosque in Madinah, Sheikh Saleh Al-Mighmasi said on Friday that the entry of non-Muslims to Madinah is not against Islam and does not include any violation of Shari`ah.

Al-Rahma mosque on the Corniche is a popular tourist site.

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This spacious and majestic mosque is known among city-dwellers as the floating mosque because it is built on pillars which are submerged on the shores of the Red Sea.

Located in north of Jeddah, Al Taqwa Mosque was reportedly built in 2005 on an area of 750 square meters. It can accommodate more than 400 worshippers.

The King Fahd mosque resembles a Moroccan architecture because of its tile-work. Its Moorish arches triangular domes.

Designed by celebrated Egyptian architect Abdel Wahed El-Wakil, the King Saud mosque is Jeddah’s largest mosque.

Covering an area of 9700 square meters, the largest dome has a diameter of 20 meters and reaches a height of 42 meters.