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Muslim Scholars: Palestinians Are Not Alone on Al-Aqsa

DUBAI – The Muslim Council of Elders discussed in their meeting in Dubai on Sunday, July 30, “stringent measures to end the Israeli occupation of Al Aqsa Mosque”, assuring Palestinians that they are not alone in their fight for Al-Aqsa mosque.

“Staying silent about Zionist terrorism threatens world peace,” said Dr Ali Al Nuaimi, chairman of the council, The National reported on Monday, July 31.

“Further provocative moves by the Israeli occupation must be prevented.”

The council said there is a need to “support the people of Al Quds and show them they are not alone in protecting Al Aqsa”.

The council and Al Azhar, the highest Sunni religious authority in the Muslim world, will hold a conference in September including politicians and decision-makers to  decide on a course of action, Dr Al Nuaimi said.

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“We don’t want to jump to conclusions on what decisions will be made; we want to go to Al Quds conference with an open heart to see what can be done,” he said.

Tensions have been high at the Al Aqsa compound for two weeks after Israel shut down the area to all Muslims and installed metal detectors at the gates.

Muslim Scholars: Palestinians Are Not Alone on Al-Aqsa - About Islam

Last week further violence broke out when Israeli soldiers forced their way into the courtyard of the mosque and climbed up the building to remove a Palestinian flag.

The Israeli troops fired stun grenades and rubber bullets, wounding 56 Palestinians, according to the Palestinian Red Cross.

Israeli authorities have removed the airport-style electronic gates but Muslims under the age of 50 are still banned from entering the compound.

“The council urges educational institutions in the Arab and Muslim world to teach the history of Al Aqsa Mosque and its status in Islam,” said Dr Al Nuaimi, who is also the director general of Abu Dhabi Education Council.

At the conference, they will also discuss the possibility of a visit to Jerusalem to address the issue on the ground.

“We will see about that in the conference, and the most important thing is that the issue in Jerusalem concerns all Muslims and Christians, not only Palestinians, so we need to work together.”

The council also called on Muslim and Arab leaders, regional and international organizations to take stringent measures “against the attempts of Israeli occupation to divide Al Aqsa mosque and their wicked moves to impose Zionist control over it.”

“The continuation of this terrorism will start a religious war, therefore, the international society and organization need to deal with this issue in a purely objective manner.”