Dutch Tourist Finds Islam in Abu Dhabi

ABU DHABI – Inspired and touched by values of tolerance of Abu Dhabi police in the United Arab Emirates, a Dutch tourist has reverted to Islam, Khaleej Times reported.

The tourist, Christina Dafano, was inquiring about Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque as she wanted to visit it.

But the police not only guided her but also contacted the officials at the mosque to organize her visit and teach her about tolerance and peaceful coexistence in Islam.

Touched by their attitude, she decided to accept Islam and changed her name to Noura.

Colonel Ahmad Almazrouei, deputy director of the directorate, emphasized the police force’s keenness to adopt a tolerance as a professional standard for policing to promote security and safety in Abu Dhabi.

Dafano deeply expressed her happiness to embrace Islam, according to a statement issued by Abu Dhabi Police on Saturday.

In August, the Dubai Islamic Information Centre, Dar Al Ber Society, announced that as many as 2,186 Dubai residents of different nationalities had reverted to Islam in the first half of 2018.

According to Dar Al Ber Society, about 2200 reverted to Islam in 2015 while 2,115 people reverted to Islam in 2013.

The number, compared to about 1,907 in 2012, showed an increase of about 10%, according to Aljunaibi.

The number was much less in 2011 as only 1,380 were reportedly converted to Islam, while 1,500 joined Islam in 2010 and about 1,059 in 2009.