Celebrated Muslim Scholar Publishes New Book

The idea behind the book is to present motivation to people of all faiths, races, and nationalities

DUBAI – Followed by millions of Muslims and non-Muslims online, Mufti Ismail Menk is deemed one of the most popular Muslim scholars on social media, with many admiring his wit, wisdom, and message of reconciliation, Gulf News reported.

“I make sure to avoid the conflicts and controversies,” Menk, who is listed among the 500 most influential Muslims, said as he launched his new book in Dubai on Saturday.

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Published and distributed by a Dubai-based publisher Book Konceptz, Motivational Moments II covers themes such as love, happiness, kindness, self-worth, patience, and forgiveness.

“The idea behind the book is to present motivation to people of all faiths, races, and nationalities. The motivation that cuts through the barriers that people have placed between themselves,” said the Mufti, speaking to Gulf News following the book launch.

As a counselor for more than 20 years, the globetrotting Grand Mufti of Zimbabwe says he has seen that all human beings, irrespective of their backgrounds, face the same problems.

“We come together as human beings and we all need same motivations. Irrespective of our religion or belief, we all need happiness, contentment,” he said.

“We all would like some form of encouragement and we would also like to combat the sadness we face daily. So what I do on my social media platforms is to offer some inspirational words and this is what I am doing in the book as well.”

Mufti Menk urged Muslims to tackle growing Islamophobia with positivity.

“There is no quick fix for Islamophobia. We need to continuously and consistently promote the goodness, the tolerance, harmony and positive messages of Islam to prove that those minorities who are perpetrating crimes in the name of Islam are actually not following the true teachings of Islam,” he said.

Mufti Menk is a regular contributor to AboutIslam.net. You can find more of his articles here.