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India’s Mosque Of Jinn

India’s Mosque Of Jinn

CAIRO – A mosque named after Jinns in Lucknow city, the capital of Northern Indian province of Uttar Pradesh has been attracting demands from poor Indians, who belief a good Jinn living in the mosque would achieve their requests.

“It’s the mosque of jinn, another creature by Allah, who lives here and also fulfills wishes of the faithful,” Prince Ali Hussain Mirza alias Nawab Gauhar Agha Saheb Peer Baba, the mosque caretaker, told Hindustan Times.

The mosque mail box usually receives anonymous letters from people seeking help.

In one of the cases, an anonymous letter arrived from a dejected farmer, seeking help from ‘jinns’ to find his lost buffalo.

Moreover, the farmer listed his needs which included a car, a grand mansion in a plush area and a buffalo herd bigger than any other dairy owner in town.

Other pleas include one from an Old City resident wanting his lost son back. Another in pink paper lists desire for a good bride.

Taking care of the mosque for 45 years, Peer Baba said there is hardly any faithful whose wishes are left unfulfilled.

One of the strangest demands was the case of a Sitapur-based businessman who made a visit to the mosque seeking the jinn’s help in bringing him prosperity and saving him from frequent losses.

“The man had suffered losses of Rs 18 lakh and was on the verge of bankruptcy. He pleaded with the jinns and got immediate relief,” Baba said.

Jinns are created from fire (different from Angels who are created from light) and are normally invisible to humans.

It is a natural law of the universe that the jinn belong to a world different from that of human beings. So when humans make contact with the jinn, they are violating a natural law.

Jinns may interfere in our world through the agency of fortunetellers, magicians, mediums, spirit-possessions, etc. Consequently, supernatural events and experiences (visions) can be explained by their interference.

Seeking help from them is forbidden as it leads to shirk (associating partners with Allah).

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