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Halal Restaurant Guide App Launched for World Cup Fans

MOSCOW – Crave Halal, a restaurants mobile app, is now making lives easier for Muslim fans visiting Russia for the ongoing FIFA World Cup 2018.

“Finding good halal restaurants can often be a great concern for the traveling Muslims. We hope our app will help these fans forget all worries about finding the right kind of food and enjoy the World Cup at the fullest,” a senior spokesperson from Crave Halal Inc. told ABNA24 on June 19.

With seven Muslim countries taking part in the ongoing World Cup, the FIFA estimates that over hundred thousand traveling Muslim fans will attend this sporting extravaganza.

The popular halal restaurant app Crave Halal has been recently launched in Russia to help these fans find Halal restaurants in the vicinity of different World Cup venues.

Unlike the case in Russian cities, Muslim fans won’t face the same difficulty of finding halal food in six Muslim host cities which are Kazan and Yuğarı Oslan in the Muslim republic of Tatarstan, in addition to Sochi, Sinda Anapa, and Gelendzhik in Circassia, and Sölƶa Ġala Grozny, the capital city of the Muslim republic of Chechnya.

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Crave Halal is ranked by reviews as the number one halal restaurants mobile app in the Apple App Store. This popular iPhone app has already been used by many Muslims since 2017 to search over 13,000 halal restaurants in USA, Canada and South Korea.

The app is updated on weekly basis with dozens of new halal restaurants in the three countries. In the initial stage of its launch in Russia, the app has researched and identified around two hundred halal restaurants that are currently catering the soccer fans near the World Cup venues.

Other advantages of this app are its compatibility with several Apple devices, it’s free, in English, and it takes just 108MB of your device’s memory size.

The app’s developers “call each restaurant to manually verify their halal status.” That’s beside “having the most accurate database of halal restaurants by technically eradicating all inaccuracies to keep the data fresh and accurate.”

Halal is an Arabic word that means “permissible.” The term is commonly used for meat, but it’s also applied to other food products, cosmetics, personal care products and pharmaceuticals which must not be derived from non-halal sources like pork.

Halal also applies to any other consumed and edible materials which mustn’t be harmful to human health. For example, Islam considers wines, alcoholic beverages, cigarettes, E-cigs, hookah and other unhealthy things to be non-halal.