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Turkey Reveals Bible Saying Jesus Wasn’t Crucified

LONDON – Turkey transferred a leather-bound religious text, claimed to be the lost Gospel of Barnabas, under armed guard to the city’s Ethnography Museum, which reveals that Jesus Christ (peace be upon him) was never crucified.

Barnabas is believed to have been one of the disciples of Jesus Christ (peace be upon him), and it is in the Gospel of Barnabas where it reads that Christ was never crucified.

It instead states that he rose to heaven while alive and Judas was the one crucified instead.

Additionally, this ancient Bible declares that Jesus was not the Son of God, but only a prophet who spoke the word of God, calling the Apostle Paul “The Impostor.”

The £14million handwritten gold lettered tome, penned in Jesus’ native Aramaic language, is said to contain his early teachings and a prediction of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) coming.

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The secret Bible was first seized by the police from a smuggling gang in 2000 in Turkey’s Mediterranean region and since placed in Ankara’s Justice Hall.

There, it waited for eight years before being transferred to the Ethnography Museum with a police escort, Hurriyet Daily News said in a report in 2012.

Yet, a fresh report published by the Daily Star on Aril 23, 2017, says that advocates of the text claim it could “collapse Christianity”.

However, the paper said that experts remain unconvinced and branded the book a “hoax”.

Vatican expert Maroc Tosatti dismissed the text in an article for La Stampa.

He wrote: “This extraordinary discovery is probably a hoax, the work of a forger who, according to some, could have been a European scholar from the Middle Ages.”

He added scholars believe the author “mixed facts and elements” from both the bible and Islamic Qu’ran and the gospels – but added “his intentions are still unknown”.

On the other hand, Iran’s Basij Press said: “The discovery of the original Barnabas Bible will now undermine the Christian Church and its authority and will revolutionize the religion in the world.

“The most significant fact, though, is that this Bible has predicted the coming of Prophet Mohammad and in itself has verified the religion of Islam, and this alone will unbalance the powers of the world and create instability in the Christian world.”

Jesus Predicted Prophet Muhammad: Christian Theologian

Muslims believe in Jesus as one of the great Prophets of God and that he is the son of Mary but not the Son of God. He was conceived and born miraculously.

In the Noble Qur’an, Jesus is called “Isa”. He is also known as Al-Masih (the Christ) and Ibn Maryam (Son of Mary).

As for his crucifixion, Muslims believe that Jesus was not crucified but was lifted up to heaven.

Muslims believe that Jesus will come back to earth before the end of time to restore peace and order, fight the Anti-Christ (Al-Masih Al-Dajjal) and bring victory for truth and righteousness.

The true followers of Jesus will prevail over those who deny him, misrepresent him and reject him.

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