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Woman Elected First Muslim Deputy Mayor of Tamiside

The first Asian Muslim British Pakistani woman has been elected deputy mayor of Tameside, a metropolitan borough of Greater Manchester.

Tafheen Sharif political career started in 2012 when she became the youngest councilor. As a member of the Labour party has also served as deputy police commissioner of Bedfordshire in the past, Daily Pakistan reported.

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Sharif belongs to Azad Kashmir. Elected as the deputy mayor, she said the Kashmir dispute needed a serious solution.

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“We all have a role to play in solving this problem and I will be talking about the Kashmir issue at every forum,” she said.

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Many Muslims have achieved new political milestones recently in England.

Earlier this month, West Sussex’s Worthing Borough appointed councilor Henna Chowdhury as the borough’s first female Muslim mayor.

The City of Bolton also elected Cllr Akhtar Zaman as its mayor in May, becoming the first Muslim and first person of Asian descent to hold the post.

Also in May Westminster city council declared 22-Year-old Hamza Taouzzale as the first ever Muslim lord mayor.