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With King’s Award, Bolton Council of Mosques Honoured for Community Services

A voluntary organization representing mosques across Bolton has received the King’s MBE Award for businesses in recognition of its voluntary services in the community.

Over the past 25 years, the Bolton Council of Mosques, also known as BCOM, has been offering services like funeral assistance, free counselling and DBS checks, as well as other services. 

“The main reason is we are a volunteer organization, under one umbrella, we represent the interests of all of the mosques in Bolton,” Imteyaz Ali, secretary of BCOM, told Bolton News

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“We work closely with the local authority, GMP, the judicial services, the hospital and various other agencies in aspects of community cohesion. 

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“Our executive team are all from working backgrounds and do this on a voluntary basis.” 

25 Years of Service

Imteyaz added that the award comes as a timely reminder to reflect on their journey over the past three decades.

“The organization has been going from strength to strength over 25 years, and this award could not have been possible without the help of our dedicated volunteers,” he said.

“This award perhaps also facilitates a timely reminder to reflect upon our journey to date, where we were, how far we have come, how much value we have added and how can we continue to make a difference in a fast-changing world. 

“We are thankful to our partners, if it wasn’t for our working relationship, then we wouldn’t be able to provide these services. We are also thankful to our mosques and everyone in the wider community who support us.”

Of Bolton’s approximate 280,000 population 12% are members of the Muslim faith. The growing community is served by 28 mosques across the town.

An estimated 6,000 pupils attend Madrasa schools at Bolton Mosques today.