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Westminster City Council Announces First Ever Muslim Lord Mayor

22-Year-old Hamza Taouzzale has achieved another milestone in his political career as he’s set to be announced as the first Muslim lord mayor and the youngest ever incumbent in Westminster city council.

The young Muslim, who recently completed his Masters in Global Affairs at King’s College London, was selected following the Labour Party’s victory in last week’s local elections.

“This is a real honor and a privilege and a total surprise,” said Taouzzale, The City of Westminster website reported.

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Taouzzale pledged to shake-up the non-political role while maintaining its traditions.

“This is a job that’s above politics, so you have to keep the office out of the day-to-day Council business otherwise it will lose its importance,” he said.

“But I do want to get out far more in the community, to be more visible in areas where the Lord Mayor isn’t normally seen.

“A lot of people don’t know what the Lord Mayor is or does and I really want to change that during my year in office.”

Taouzzale, who is a Londoner of Moroccan heritage, said the appointment is the highlight in a career that started just six years ago – when he became a Youth MP.

After a year in office, he joined the Labour Party and worked hard on being selected as a candidate in Queen’s Park replacing Alderman Barrie Taylor.

He was elected as a Westminster City Councillor in 2018, becoming its youngest ever member.