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West Sussex Borough Set to Appoint First Female Muslim Mayor

History will be made in West Sussex’s Worthing Borough on Friday as the council meet to appoint the first female Muslim mayor.

Having the majority of the seats at the council, the Labour party nominated Gaisford ward councilor Henna Chowdhury for the role, Sussex Express reported.

Labour’s Henna Chowdhury became the first female Muslim council in the Worthing Borough Council when she was elected in 2019.

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Conservative councillor Jack Saheid was the town’s first Muslim mayor between 2004 and 2005.

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Chowdhury has been a Worthing resident for more than 30 years and attended Northbrook College.

Also a county councillor, she has worked at the Department for Social Security, in the voluntary sector, and for the NHS. Councillor Chowdhury also works as a community interpreter.

Many Muslims have won mayoral seats recently as well.

Earlier this month, Westminster city council declared 22-Year-old Hamza Taouzzale as the first ever Muslim lord mayor.

The city of Preston also elected Councillor Javed Iqbal as its 693rd Mayor and the first Muslim to hold that position in May 2021.

In the US, Farrah Khan won her seat as mayor of Irvine in November as the first Muslim and woman of color to hold the seat.