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Wales Mosque Gets First Mini Police Unit in UK

Police cooperation with minorities is always a key to stability and better understanding.

Muslim communities in the West have also been working as a perfect support for local police forces , supporting their work and giving them a platform in mosques to reach out to them.

In Wales, the Gwent police have taken a step forward by creating a mini police unit in Blaenau Gwent mosque, the first of its kind in Wales and the UK.

The force has nine officers, aged 14 and under, who will be assisted by a cadet.

In a celebration, on January 20, the unit’s members took the oath and received certificates from the Chief Constable, Pam Kelly, and the Deputy Police and Crime Commissioner for Gwent, Eleri Thomas MBE, Gwent Police reported.

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“It was a proud moment to witness our 50th mini police force [Heddlu Bach in Welsh] take the oath and join the force. This group of wonderful youngsters is leading by example, not just in their community but in Wales and the wider UK,” Chief Constable Pam Kelly said.

“We are fortunate to have strong links with the mosque through our neighborhood team. So we took the decision to establish a Heddlu Bach unit in Berea to help broaden our understanding of our communities and aiming to build creating a strong, supportive community.

“I was struck by the maturity and the compassion for others shown by our new recruits, particularly around their positive messaging of how we need to stand together for the community’s benefit.

Muslims in Wales

The largest non-Christian faith in Wales is Islam, with about 46,000 adherents in 2011.

Most Muslims live in Cardiff (23,656 in 2011, 6.8% of the population), but there are also significant numbers in Newport (6,859 in 2011) and Swansea (5,415 in 2011).

There has been a Somali and Yemeni Islamic community in Cardiff since the mid-1800s, founded by seafarers to Cardiff Docks.