UK Pregnant Muslim Woman Killed with Crossbow, Baby Survives

ILFORD – The death of an eight-month pregnant Muslim woman, who was shot with a crossbow on Wednesday, has shocked the entire British Muslim community.

But her baby survived and was delivered by an emergency cesarean section.

“The entire Muslim community and the entire Redbridge community is in absolute shock as to what has happened,” Mohamed Omer from the Gardens of Peace cemetery and funeral company said, The BBC reported.

“Our thoughts and prayers are with the family.

“In order to help them cope, we are making the family of Sana Muhammad know that they need to not worry about funeral costs as we will be covering them.”

Sana Muhammad, 35, was shot with a crossbow bolt Monday morning in Ilford in East London in front of her five children, according to her husband.

The crossbow bolt allegedly missed her then-unborn baby by inches, London’s Evening Standard reported.

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The suspect, Ramanodge Unmathallegadoo, 50, has been charged on Tuesday morning with murder and is in police custody. He is scheduled to appear in court Thursday.

Ilford North MP Wes Streeting said in Parliament her death had left people in shock “up and down the country”.

Prime Minister Theresa May said laws around crossbows would be reviewed after Muhammad’s death.

“I know I will speak for every member of this House in expressing our deepest condolences to the family and our best wishes to the baby for a speedy recovery,” Streeting said, speaking to May’s questions.

“Given these weapons, like the crossbow, used to kill my constituent are readily for sale online, can I urge the Prime Minister to urgently and seriously look at expanding the Offensive Weapons Bill so that we can toughen the scope of the laws governing the sale, the possession and the use of these deadly weapons.”

The PM responded by saying crossbows were “subject to strict controls”, but the government would “consider the risk to public safety and whether further measures are needed”.

As the Muslim mother was pronounced dead, her son was delivered by Caesarean section and “remains in a stable condition in a critical care unit”, police said.

Authorities have yet to name a possible motive for the killing.

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