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Ramadan 2022

UK Muslims Reflect on What Ramadan Means to Them

Ammna (London): This year, Ramadan is about spiritual development more than anything else. Our children are a little older, so we want them to begin to understand the basics of their faith. We can do this by shaping our language to practice kindness and generosity. We want to share stories of Prophets and their adventures and create space for them to ask questions so they can relate.

Ruhe (Leeds): During the month of Ramadan, I am looking forward to keeping my fast, making myself a better person, and spending more time with family and friends.

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Raheela (Leeds): For me, Ramadan is a time of reflection that disconnects me from the materialist world. It is the part of the Islamic year when strengthening, reaffirming, connecting, and nurturing our relationship with our Creator is the utmost. It is the time of the year when we humble ourselves in front of our Lord and give for His blessings and mercy.

UK Muslims Reflect on What Ramadan Means to Them - About Islam

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Hareem (Bradford): What I most look forward to about Ramadan is the peace it brings spirituality. The solidarity throughout Ramadan is amazing. The entire ummah is on one mission to remain steadfast on the blessed month of Ramadan. We know that intermittent fasting has become a rising trend. Ramadan shares a lot in common with that. I love the fact that it is beneficial in so many ways, physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Fiz (Leeds): Ramadan is a time for self-reflection and a reminder of my values that keep me grounded. Prayers, fasting, and family gatherings to show love and compassion to our Muslim and non-Muslim neighbors, especially during these challenging times. Ramadan is the month of peace.

Iqra (Bradford): As we all know, Ramadan is a precious month for all Muslims. Allah gifts this month only once a year, so I think all Muslims should try to do their best by fasting, reading Qur’an, praying throughout the month, and doing other good deeds. I know I cannot be a perfect Muslim throughout the year. But during this time, I will make sure to do all good deeds, pray and fast.

UK Muslims Reflect on What Ramadan Means to Them - About Islam

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Keyhan (Bradford): I look forward to eating with family again like we used to. Also, I look forward to praying and waking up early to eat and spend time with family. I look forward to the peace I feel and the strength Ramadan gives me.

Numan (Bradford): I am looking forward to the blessing and vibes, coming together, eating, and attending religious gatherings together with our community. For me, Ramadhan means a spiritual journey that renews my Iman (faith).

Atfah (Bradford): Ramadan is my journey to connect with Allah SWT. This month helps me focus on my prayers, fasting, and strengthening my faith. I can express my gratitude and ask for forgiveness. It also gives me the strength to pray for those I have lost, value my life in this Dunya, and aim for my goals in the akhirah (afterlife).

The first day of fasting in the UK is on April 2nd. Some will experience just hunger, others thirst, tiredness, and exhaustion for excess in spiritual devotions. However, the purpose of Ramadan is more than abstaining and exhausting. It is about understanding and developing.

If any person ends the month of Ramadan getting just a single step closer to God, then they have achieved the objective of this month, of lifting themselves, and that is, in my opinion, only meaningful measure for the blessings of Ramadan, and God Knows best.

Happy Ramadan!

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