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UK Muslims Lead the Way Raising Climate Action Awareness

Muslims in the UK have been leading several initiatives recently to raise awareness about climate change, launching campaigns to preserve environment.

On Sunday, members of Islamic Relief UK partnered with Boots & Beards Scottish hiking group to bring attention to the need for greater action in combating climate change.  

The event, launched during UN Climate Change Conference (COP26), included an 8-kilometer walk at Whitelee Wind Farm, i.e. Europe’s largest onshore windfarm.

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“This morning, Islamic Relief joined @BootsandBeards for a walk up to Whitelee Wind Farm, Scotland’s largest wind farm – powering up to 300,000 homes!” Islamic Relief wrote on Twitter.

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“We highlighted the importance of renewables, how to reduce our emissions & what we can do to combat #ClimateChange.”

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In another effort, members of the Islamic charity joined thousands in Saturday’s march for climate action.

“Islamic Relief and thousands of others will be marching as part of the #COP26 Coalition’s Global Day of Action for Climate Justice. We will be calling for greater climate action,” Islamic Relief wrote.

Also during the weekend, the Glasgow Central Mosque was solarized to cut down its emissions.

The initiative, funded by aid organization Islamic Relief, will see 130 solar panels installed with the aim of cutting out an estimated 18,000kg per year of CO2 emissions.

Environmental sustainability is very important in Islam. Thus, preserving environment, from an Islamic perspective, is grounded in honoring the relationship between oneself, Allah, and Allah’s creation. 

Allah says in the Qur’an, It is He who has appointed you vicegerent on the Earth … (Qur’an, 6:165)