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UK Mosque Prepares Early for Ramadan

As many Muslims expect another Ramadan under pandemic, Birmingham’s landmark Green Lane Masjid and Community Center are making sure worshippers still flourish during lockdown in the holy month.

“Coronavirus continues to ripple through our cities, and once again we must prepare to spend another Ramadan within our homes,” Nusaybah Naeem, editor at Birmingham’s Green Lane Masjid and Community Centre (GLMCC), told Arab News.

This year, she said, “we want to ensure that Muslims feel empowered to take responsibility for their Ramadan, whether or not we’re able to host the daily prayers, meals and events they’re accustomed to.”

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To help worshippers during lockdown, the mosque is launching a campaign on Monday to help them prepare for the holy month. 

Though there could be no group prayers or public iftars, the mosque has planned 20 different online activities and events including competitions for children that will help them get into the spirit of Ramadan.

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“The pious people of the past were known to begin their preparation for Ramadan six months in advance,” Naeem explained.

“To follow in their footsteps, we are also beginning our preparations sooner than usual to ensure that we’re spiritually ready for the month.”


The mosque is also making preparations to make Ramadan a special month for giving charity, encouraging their congregations to start their early preparations for this year.

“Educate yourself on Ramadan,” they advise.

“Start reading up about it in advance to ensure that you’re spiritually prepared, and prepare your body physically by keeping healthy and exercising regularly.”

The mosque also suggested that people “fast every Monday and Thursday, as was the practice of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), to prepare yourself for a month of fasting,” and — for those that aren’t already doing it — “get into the habit of praying each of the five obligatory daily prayers.”

Green Lane Masjid & Community Centre (GLMCC), is a mosque in Birmingham, linked to the Ahl-i Hadith Salafi movement. Established in the 1970s, it has been a registered charity in England since 2008.