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Thousands of Muslims Gather to Give Afghan Refugees Special `Eid

Welcoming Afghan refugees in their first `Eid Al-Fitr in the United Kingdom, thousands of Muslims came together to celebrate feast in Harrow borough in Greater London.

Established since 2007, the 1Eid festival has been held for years in Southall and Luton. However, this is the first time to take place in Harrow.

Jalal ibn sa’eed, founder of organization, reached out to Ariana Abawe, Bizhan Neromand and Yama Qarib, who are Afghan residents of Harrow, to organize this festival in support of Afghan refugees in the UK through the Basheri Project founded by Yama Qarib.

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“It was amazing to see thousands of people attend this festival which has taken place for the first time in Harrow, and which is in support of Afghan refugees,” Ariana Abawe, a British-Afghan journalist and the founder of Ariana Magazine, told Harrow Online.

“Through this festival I wanted to showcase the beauty of our Afghan culture to the wider community, celebrate `Eid together as well as help those who recently came as refugees from Afghanistan to help them integrate into society as easily as possible.”

Special `Eid

Gathering in Kenton Recreation Ground, Afghan refugees who attended the festival received toys for `Eid. There were also a variety of stalls selling Afghan food and Afghan ice cream.

Harrow councilor Peymana Assad also attended the event and gave a speech about how Harrow has welcomed 10 Afghan refugee families.

“It was heartwarming to see people from all backgrounds and all ages come to pray, watch the performances and celebrate `Eid together. I pray Afghan refugees in the UK and around the world are able to feel at home through such festivals,” Bizhan Neromand said.

With the refugees’ arrival in the UK and the USA, several Muslim groups have been leading effort to help refugees in their new homes.

Last February, the Triangle Association of Muslim American Mothers (TAMAM) launched a clothing drive to provide long sleeve or loose clothes for the Afghan women.

In September 2021, the people of Indiana donated hundreds of prayer rugs, clothing donations and personal hygiene products to Afghan refugees, believing that prayer is a connection to god everyone need in the time of difficulty.

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