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These Muslim Women Scale Africa’s Highest Mountain to Raise Funds for Orphanage

A group of women from Blackburn successfully climbed Mount Toubkal, North Africa’s highest peak at 4,167 meters, to raise funds for local orphanages.

Organized by Z’s Defence Academy and led by Zaynab “Zee” Jogi, the all-female team endured a strenuous ascent marked by altitude sickness and fatigue, Asian Image reported.

The trek had been planned over four days, but unforeseen circumstances transformed the journey into an ‘intense and challenging experience’, said organizer Zaynab Jogi, known as Zee.

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These Muslim Women Scale Africa’s Highest Mountain to Raise Funds for Orphanage - About Islam

Despite challenges, four of the six climbers reached the summit. The expedition aimed to support orphanages in partnership with Yallah Ummah and highlighted the importance of planning and communication.

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“The primary objective of this trek was to support two orphanages by providing essential supplies,” Zee said.

“The heartfelt interactions with the children at the orphanages underscored the significance of their mission. Z’s Defence Academy extends profound gratitude to all the donors whose contributions have made a substantial impact on the lives of these children.

“This expedition was not just a physical challenge but also a journey to conquer fears and push beyond personal limits.”

Zee, a Guinness World Record holder, emphasized the trek’s success as a testament to the women’s strength and determination.

The mission underscored Z’s Defence Academy’s commitment to empowering women through challenging activities and self-defense training.