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School Staff, Pupils Fast for One Day to Support Muslims

Staff and pupils at a Lancashire school have fasted for a day this Ramadan to support their Muslim colleagues and share the experience of holy month.

The initiative at Darwen Aldridge Enterprise Studio School was suggested by science teacher Qasim Hussain who was happy to see many people joining the Ramadan fast.

“Upon request, this year it was open for students in year 9-11 to participate. I provided food packs to all participating consisting of starters, main and a dessert,” Hussain told Lancashire Telegraph

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Ramadan is the holy month of fasting when Muslims avoid all food and drink between sunrise and sunset. Moreover, they’re also encouraged to increase their charitable efforts and doing good deeds.

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“As Ramadan is a month of giving, the school council decided to raise money for a charity,” he said.

“We as a school collectively raised £150 to build a hand water pump for the charity GRT (Global Relief Trust).”

Special Experience

The experience of fasting for one day was unique for many, as one staff member said, “I have found it fine; it is not the food that I have missed, it is my brews!

“I can’t wait to have a coffee later. Today has not only given me a greater understanding of what my Muslim friends, colleagues and students go through each year, but at the same time appreciating how blessed we are to have all the things we need such as clean water and food. Happy Ramadan to all.”

Another commented: “I feel like a raisin I’m so dehydrated. My whole respect goes to every Muslim who fasts, the self-discipline and motivation you all must have is astounding.

“I would do it again, but next time I’ll drink a couple extra liters of water to get me through the day.

“An absolute fantastic experience. Thankyou Qasim and family for preparing the Iftar food packs for us all. God bless you.”

A third added: “I have had time to think and reflect upon my experience and what Muslims go through every year during this blessed month and how much self-disciple they have and how strong they are fulfilling the commands in the Holy Qura’n.”

In the UK, it is common to find non-Muslims fasting with their fellow Muslims during Ramadan to show support and solidarity.

For years, Blackburn community charity One Voice has been inviting non-Muslims to fast for one day in the annual challenge themed I’m not a Muslim but I will fast for one day”.