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Sadio Mane Filmed Cleaning Toilets in Liverpool Mosque

LIVERPOOL – Liverpool Muslim star Sadio Mane has been filmed cleaning the bathroom and wudu [ablution] area in a Liverpool mosque just hours after scoring in their 2-1 win at Leicester on Saturday.

Footage has been shared on social media showing the Liverpool star joining in with the bathroom maintenance, Evening Standard reported.

Social media users have claimed the footage was shot at the Al-Rahma Mosque where Mane visits regularly, in Mulgrave Street, Liverpool.

Mane’s actions have attracted widespread praise from fans.

One said: “Humbling,” while another added, “What a guy!”

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It has not been officially confirmed that Mane is the gentleman in the video.

“Religion is very important to me. I respect the rules of Islam and I pray five times a day, always,” the Muslim forward told the Daily Mail in 2016.

“Senegal is 90 percent Muslim and maybe 10 percent Christian and everybody lives side by side in harmony as friends. My best friend, Luke, was a Christian and we used to go to each other’s houses.”

Mane is well known for his charity work.

He is said to have paid out £200,000 to help build a school in his village of Bambaly, Senegal, and is also helping the fight against HIV in Malawi.

Mane told the Liverpool Echo in April: “It’s an initiative that is close to my heart.

“It’s something that I am very happy to do. It’s important to help people.

“They approached me about the initiative, and it became clear I was maybe the right person to help.

“When they told me about it, I was very, very happy to help out. I’m looking forward to doing my bit.”

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