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Preston Mosques Raise Funds to Help Cancer Patients

CAIRO – Muslim worshippers in various Preston mosques presented a generous £61,500 donation to the Rosemere Cancer Foundation on Wednesday, a donation that will make it easier to diagnose and treat cancer patients.

“Thank you to all the Muslim community in the city of Preston for their generous donations. It is our duty to support the local hospital and the service they provide to all the communities,” Iqbal Adam from the Preston Muslim Society told Asian Image on Wednesday, January 11.

“In 2015 we raised nearly £40,000 to assist lung cancer diagnosis and this year have managed to raise over £60,000 which was a great effort.

“A big thank you also to all the maddressas and nurseries who took part in the fundraising efforts.

“Thank you to the children from the Little Wonder nursery off Fishwick Parade who were very active this year.”

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“Inshallah, we will be doing it again next year and assisting our local services that help all communities is something we are all very keen to do.”

The donation was made by Preston mosques including, the Jamia Masjid, Masjid E Salaam, Quwwat-Ul-Islam , Madina Masjid, Masjid e Falah, Masjide Shahudaa, Masjid e Saliheen, Eldon Street Masjid, Masjide Quba and the Zakariyya Masjid based on Ribbleton Lane.

The funding will go towards the £100,000 cost of buying a new high definition imaging system that can help doctors get a clearer picture to pinpoint certain types of cancers at Royal Preston Hospital.

The system will relay accurate pictures of the affected area to a computer so doctors can determine the exact stage of the cancer.

“We are extremely grateful for this very generous donation,” Sue Thompson Chief Officer at the Rosemere Cancer said.

“Although the imaging system will be based here at the Royal Preston Hospital, it will benefit patients from throughout Lancashire and South Cumbria as the hospital is the specialist provider of colorectal, gynaecological and upper GI cancer surgery for the whole region.”