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Oldham Young Muslims Honored for Charity Efforts

  • 13 Muslim volunteers from Oldham and Birmingham honored for charity work
  • The award ceremony took place at the Empowering Our Youth event organized by I Love Bangladesh (ILB)

A team of Muslim volunteers from Oldham and Birmingham came together to honor 13 exceptional young people who have made a ‘remarkable’ impact within their neighborhoods.

They were honored at the Empowering Our Youth event organized by I Love Bangladesh (ILB), held at The Empire Suite.

“Tonight, we’ve witnessed the power of unity, determination, and a shared vision. These young achievers are proof that our community’s future is bright and promising,” the ILB Team said, Asian Image reported.

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Milad Sarwar was one of the recipients of an award for charitable work to help the poor in Bangladesh.

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“One of our biggest fundraisers was raising £20,000 in two days for the victims of the Sylhet floods in 2022,” he said.

“Following on from this, myself and a few brothers raised £12,000 by climbing Mt Snowdon during Ramadan while fasting.

“This is the first time our charity has been recognized and who better to give it than ILB, an organization of over 22,000 people.

“Whilst I am grateful for this, I think this award shouldn’t go just to me. It should go to everyone that has supported this charity.”

Inspiring Youth

I Love Bangladesh (ILB) is a FaceBook page created in 2009 which began by sharing pictures of Bangladesh and promoting Bangladeshi culture.

Idris Ali, the founder of ILB, said the event was important to inspire other youth to participate in charity work.

“There are a lot of young unsung heroes out there doing a lot of good work and I feel they need to be recognized and rewarded so that it gives them a boost to carry on. I hope these awards will inspire and empower other youth to take up voluntary work and other activities,” he said.

“Thirteen youngsters were awarded tonight but we mustn’t forget the hundreds more out there who are doing similar work and are unnoticed and unknown, this event is also for them too.”