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This Non-Muslim Read Qur’an on Train after London Attack

LONDON – A photo showing a non-Muslim young lady reading a translated copy of the Qur’an, the Muslims’ holy book, has been widely shared on social media websites, praising her for daring criticism to support the religious minority against Islamophobia.

The photo was captured and shared by a British Muslim, Mubasher, who sent it to Ilmfeed to share his interaction with the young women as follows:

“Another day and another train journey to work, but this was no ordinary day. It was just after the attacks at #Westminster in #London. An atrocity that took place close to my workplace, and on that will once again put fear into the hearts of most people around me, and for all #Muslims to be pre-judged and looked at suspiciously. With these thoughts in my mind I took a seat on the train (a rare occasion in itself within London’s rush hour). As I sat down deep in my thoughts, I noticed the girl in front of me and in particular the book she was holding in her hands and reading, it was the Qur’an!

“I had already assumed that she was probably European and non-Muslim, so I politely asked her why she was reading the Qur’an. I asked if I could take a picture of her reading the Qur’an and then as we started taking, she explained how she used to struggle with Islamophobia and wanted to learn more about the religion to overcome her fears. I have lived in London all of my life and have occasionally come across Muslims reading the Qur’an in public – the ones who are confident enough to do so. However, this girl had not only conquered her fears of Islam and Muslims but has gone much further to try and dispel the misconceptions of Islam and educate others about this wonderful #Deen. This is a non-Muslim girl who has even fasted in Ramadan! May Allah reward and guide her. She has created an Instagram account to record her progress and is doing a wonderful job, so please visit her page and encourage her”

The lady, who runs Instagram account under the name,, created this account to record her progress in fighting Islamophobia.

Overcoming her misconceptions about Islam, she is taking new miles to educate others about the faith.