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New Burton First Muslim Mayor Seeks to Unite People

After becoming East Staffordshire’s first ever Muslim mayor, Syed Hussain has vowed to unite people and promote ethnic diversity and cohesion across the borough.

Councilor Hussain, who represents East Staffordshire Borough Council’s Anglesey ward, will be sworn in officially at the borough’s new Labour administration’s first full council meeting on May 26, Staffordshire Live reported.

 “It is a huge privilege and an absolute honor – possibly the highest honor of my life. I’m looking feared to being able to promote the work of the many community groups around the borough,” he said.

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“I strongly believe in community cohesion. I’d like to use my platform to promote diversity – I would like to support and represent everyone – regardless of their color.

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“It is a huge privilege for me, and the BAME community. The electorate voted for me irrespective of my color, faith and ethnicity – and that should be celebrated.

“I’m always a big supporter of integration and inclusion – with gender as well, because women and young people should come forward to represent their community too. We can all help our communities, it’s all about people helping people.”

More Muslim Mayors

Representing the Bastwell & Daisyfield ward since 2004, Coun Parwaiz Akhtar was made the borough’s first citizen at the annual Mayor Making ceremony in Blackburn Town Hall on Thursday.

“It is an honor that money can’t buy, and something that I never dreamed of – to first become a councilor, and now a Mayor,” said Coun Akhtar, 62, Asian Image reported.  

“It’s a proud moment for me and my family, and we’re all really excited about this once in a lifetime experience.”

Many Muslims have achieved new political milestones recently in England.

Also in Bolton, Councilor Mohammed Ayub became the new mayor after an inauguration at the town hall on Wednesday.

Earlier this month, Councilor Yasmine Dar was elected as the first female, Muslim, Asian Lord Mayor of Manchester, in a groundbreaking accomplishment that highlights diversity and progress.

Moreover, Salisbury City Council elected Cllr Atiqul Hoque as the 762nd mayor of the city. He made history as the first British Bangladeshi Muslim to assume the position.