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Nasheed Artist Maher Zain Distributes Food to Quake Survivors

Urging help for those affected by the disastrous earthquake the hit southern Turkey and Syria, prominent Muslim artist Maher Zain flew to epicenter of earthquakes in Kahramanmaras province to support survivors.

Zain visited Kahramanmaras province on Sunday and distributed food to survivors with the UK-based Salam Charity, Anadolu Agency reported.

“We are in #Kahramanmaras city center and the visible destruction here reminds one of a war zone subhanallah. This town is the epicenter of this massive earthquake. Hundreds of thousands of people left homeless. We must help in whatever way we can,” he said on Twitter.

Huge Destruction

Zain also showed his followers on Instagram the scale of the destruction at the epicenter of the twin earthquakes, saying; “It is very hard honestly. I am trying to get a perspective on the camera to show you how bad it is, but the camera can never give (one) hundred percent justice.”

Seeing images of devastating 7.8 magnitude earthquake that struck southeastern Turkey and Syria on February 6, several Muslim charities have launched appeals to help those affected on the ground.

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The earthquake hit at 4:17 am, followed by aftershocks as large as 6.4 and 6.5 magnitudes respectively only minutes later, leaving more than 35,000 people dead across both Turkey and Syria. 

Turkey’s Urbanisation Minister Murat Kurum said some 42,000 buildings had either collapsed, were in urgent need of demolition, or severely damaged across 10 cities.

The Turkish toll was 31,974 killed, the Disaster and Emergency Management Authority said on Tuesday. More than 5,814 have died in Syria according to a Reuters tally of reports from Syrian state media and a UN agency.

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