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Muslims Support England Football Team in Euro 2016

CAIRO – British Muslim kids have expressed loyalty to England’s football team, saying the team is a symbol of the country that belongs to “every race and background”.

“Football has a unique way of bringing people together,” Roisin Wood, of anti-racism campaigners Kick It Out, told Daily Star.

“We hope everyone who loves football will get behind WeAreAllEngland as a positive way that people can come together and support the England team.”

A new film, “WeAreAllEngland”, shows youngsters practicing their goal celebrations and revealing why they hope England team achieves success when it head off to the Euro 2016 football tournament in France in June this year.

Featuring seven and eight-year-old children, it was released to coincide with England’s squad announcement.

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A research by British Future also found that the England football team is more unifying than the St George’s Day flag or a St George’s Day party.

“It is a simple campaign to show how the England team brings us all together, and that England is at its best when we all feel we need to belong to it,” Sunder Katwala, director of British Future, said.

“There is no loyalty test here, just a chance for everyone who wants to join in to demonstrate that we can all show pride in the nation we are today.”

Sughra Ahmed, chair of the Islamic Society of Britain, agreed that football usually transcends ethnic and religious divisions.

“People across England may follow different religions or beliefs to each other,” Ahmed said.

“But if England score on June 11 (in the first match against Russia) we will all leap off the sofa and cheer.”