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Muslims React to Charlie Hebdo’s ‘Provocative’ Cartoons

In a fresh provocation to Muslims worldwide, the infamous French paper Charlie Hebdo republished the caricatures depicting Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) in this week’s edition.

The move was announced on Tuesday, a day before the trial of 13 men and a woman accused of helping people accused of a deadly attack that occurred in 2015.

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The controversial move has sparked some angry reactions on social media, with many Muslims describing it as unnecessary provocation to Muslims.

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Charlie Hebdo has a history of publishing what offends the Islamic views, hurting the Muslims’ sentiments.

A Twitter user recalled the heartbreaking story of 3-year-old refugee who drowned on his way to Europe with his father. At that time, the paper published a provoking cartoon “insinuating him sexually assaulting women had he not died.”

Another said Muslims should take Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) a role model for responding to hate with mercy.

In January 2015, 17 people were killed in attacks on Charlie Hebdo, in an incident that rocked Paris.

Seeing Charlie Hebdo’s provocative tactics as an insult to the Islamic faith, Muslim leaders joined worldwide condemnation of the action.

Later on, French Muslims called for criminalizing insulting religions amid increasing anger around the Muslim world over Charlie Hebdo’s decision to publish new cartoons of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).

France is home to a Muslim community of more than six million, the largest in Europe.