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Muslim Woman Launches Hijabi Doll Collection

LONDON – Filling a void in the international market, a new company in the UK has released its first Muslim doll collection, covering a unique range of ethnically-diverse Muslim population.

“The Muslim Doll Collection has been created to celebrate the multicultural diversity that exists in the world today,” says Farhat Amin from The Muslim Sticker Company, Digital Journal reported Monday.

“Our sincere wish is to provide children with dolls that reflect their culture and religion.”

The company, known for helping parents raise happy Muslim children, created an entire product line of ethnically diverse and modestly dressed dolls.

Amin, a Muslim businesswoman, began creating Muslim dolls upon realizing that the market is not catering to the needs of parents who opt for modestly dressed dolls for their daughters.

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The Muslim Sticker Company now has a portfolio of more than 50 Muslim parenting resources and its products are sold in over 15 countries.

In November, 2017, Barbie released its first hijab-wearing doll, modeled after US Olympian Ibtihaj Muhammad.

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