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Muslim Woman Launches Community Support Group in Bradford

In difficult times, it is not only family that help people cope with pain and overcome grief. For many people, it is the neighbors and the community who make the difference.

To help those struggling with bereavement, a Muslim woman has launched a support group in Bradford.

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Latifa Ismail, chair of the Community Bereavement Support Group, had to deal herself with two family losses within short period during the time of COVID pandemic.

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“It was really intense, and I didn’t really have anyone to talk to about this,” she told The Telegraph & Argus.

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“I know my sister-in-law was also struggling. She didn’t have any children and she had to sort out all her husband’s business paperwork.

“I knew that if I was struggling, then other people were also going through the same thing, especially because of COVID.”

Taking the initiative, Ismail set up the group initially in September 2021, holding the first community event in March 2022.


The Community Bereavement Support Group offer services from the early stages before a loved one passes away, while they are on end-of-life care and after their passing.

“At our first event, we had so many people reaching out wanting information and support and we noticed that a lot of people wanted to learn about the Islamic funeral practice as well as burial,” she said.

“We have decided that we want to help women understand this better as during COVID we lost the elders in our community who take charge in these situations.”

The British Muslim community has shown great efforts during the past two years, as summarized in a booklet ‘Faith in Action – West Midlands Muslim organizations’ Covid-19 Response’ that was officially launched at a gathering in August 2021.