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Muslim Volunteers Praised for Cleaning Graves at Derby Cemetery

Islam grants certain rights to humans before they are even born and after their death. Whether dead or alive, the human body, created by God in the perfect shape, must be given dignity and respect.

A group of Muslim volunteers have been widely praised for cleaning graves at a Derby cemetery.

The group of 15 volunteers clean the graves and water flowers once a month at Nottingham Road Cemetery in Chaddesden.

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 “By washing the graves it helps us to realize the importance of looking after those who have departed,” Abid Taj, one of the volunteers who set up the group, told Derby Telegraph.

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“It’s a reality check for us and makes us all think we will be in these graves one day. There are more than 1,000 graves in the cemetery. We do our best to go through as many as possible.

The majority of the volunteers are youngsters (Image: Gulfraz Nawaz)
The majority of the volunteers are youngsters (Image: Gulfraz Nawaz)

“We try and teach the volunteers the importance of giving back to the community and the benefits of working as one to contribute to our society.

“The volunteers are amazing. They all give as much time as possible, some even stay the whole day and their support is very important.”


Councillor Gulfraz Nawaz, Labour Party Councillor for Arboretum Ward thanked the volunteers for their work.

He said: “The volunteers have been doing a great job and they deserve a lot of credit and praise for their work and I am very impressed.

“The majority of the volunteers are youngsters and it’s good to see the younger community coming out in numbers and working to support their wider community.

“Funerals are normally attended by a mass gatherings and the restrictions meant only certain members could attend but the Muslim community respected that and realized the safety aspect behind the decision.”

Months of lockdown have wreaked havoc on streets, parks, and even cemeteries in the UK.

Therefore, a group of Birmingham Muslim men have volunteered to clean parks and streets across the city saying they were motivated by their Islamic faith.