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Muslim Volunteers Hailed for Selling Thousands of Cakes for Orphanage

Three Muslim volunteers sold 2700 cakes during Ramadan to raise funds for an orphanage in Pakistan.

The Cakes 4 Orphans campaign involves selling cakes to support Kashmir Orphanage Relief Trust (KORT), Asian Image reported.

First launched in 2015, three dedicated volunteers, Raja Zaman, Atif Ali, and Amar Nasir started the campaign. In 2019, they brought it to Blackburn, selling 2300 cakes.

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The collective efforts of volunteers across England resulted in the sale of just over 21,000 cakes. All the proceeds from the cakes go directly to KORT to support orphans in need, providing them with essential care, education, and support.

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“We are overwhelmed by the support we get from the Blackburn community for the Cakes 4 Orphans campaign,” Raja Zaman, who was awarded for volunteer of the year recently, said.

“Despite the challenges we faced this year, we are proud to have sold over 2,700 cakes in 30 days and it’s been absolutely amazing.”