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Muslim Thoughts On the Orlando Shooting

LONDON – After America remembered one of the best examples of what it is to be an American Muslim, Muhammad Ali, another reflected the worst of what it means to be an American Muslim, Omar Mateen, as he murders over 50 people in Orlando.

The shooter’s father, a migrant from Afghanistan, still no doubt in shock, stated that this action has nothing to do with religion, while his ex-wife said that he had a history of domestic violence, often beating her.

The Qur’an does includes verses which some believe criticize the behavior of same-sex relationships, specifically in the context of Prophet Lot, but what the Qur’an does not do, is allow a person to treat unjustly, harm, or murder another person on account of their sexual orientation.

More importantly, the Qur’an says that if a person takes a life unjustly it is as if they have murdered all of humanity (5:32).

There are no caveats. God refers equally to all human life, irrespective of race, gender, or gender orientation. A human life is a human life. Furthermore, the Qur’an warns people of lesser character, Do not allow your dislike of a people, allow you to be unjust towards them. (5:8)

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As Muslims, we should focus on giving every human being the same freedom, fairness and justice that we wish for ourselves, and leave judging of people to God. As leading journalist Mehdi Hasan writes:

“My thoughts and prayers with the families of the victims in Orlando, the worst mass shooting in US history. 50 dead, 53 wounded. Astonishing. Tragic. Reprehensible. Today is not a day for politicization, for point-scoring or defensive postures, for irrelevant theological debates. Today is a day for solidarity, for compassion and for grief.”

We should ask ourselves how the shooter who was on the FBI’s radar could have acquired and retained a legal firearms license, demonstrating that when you enable the foolish to acquire weapons, some amongst them will behave foolishly and murder innocent people.

This is not about religion, it is about the greatest threat to America in our age, the gun laws, and the ability of insecure, imbalanced and clearly angry individuals having the right to buy guns.

Prayers for those who have lost family at this difficult time, and may God Almighty have mercy on us all, amen.

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