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Muslim Footballer Salah Forgives, Helps Burglar

LIVERPOOL – Liverpool FC Muslim superstar Mohamed Salah has proven to have a big heart off the pitch as he helped a man who had previously robbed his family.

The story popped up in a series of tweets by Jack Sear, Editorial & Social Content Producer for Anfield HQ, who quoted an earlier report by The Daily Mail.

In the tweets, Sear revealed an old incident in which Salah’s family was robbed when he was a player for Egyptian team, Alexandria.

As the thief was arrested two days after the robbery, Salah’s father intended to file charges.

Yet, when Salah heard of the incident, he convinced his father not to file charges, gave the thief some money and tried to find him a job to start a new life.

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The Mail article revealed that Salah has given many things to Nagrig, a small village 80 km north Cairo, where he was raised.

He bought gym equipment for the community center that now bears his name and paid for an all-weather football pitch to be built at Mohamed Ayyad Al-Tantawy school, where he studied.

He gives money to help couples get married and frequently contributes to other forms of charity.

Known as a devout Muslim, Salah usually prostrates after scoring goals.

Now, as a superstar in Liverpool, he has won special respect for him and his faith, with many saying Salah was making Da`wah on the pitch.