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Muslim Pupils Donate Toys to Hospitalized Kids

BLACKBURN – A group of Muslim primary school pupils from Rawdhatul Uloom Primary School delivered toys to hospitalized patients in a children’s ward in Blackburn.

“As a whole school, we wanted to bring a ray of sunshine to the lives of ill children at the hospital,” Nahida Khan, primary school teacher, told Asian Image on Friday.

“We sent out letters to parents asking to send in gifts for us to donate at the hospital. We had a tremendous turnout and the school council visited the hospital to deliver the gifts,” she added.

The visit to Blackburn Teaching Hospital was organized by the school in partnership with national educational charity Ilm2Amal, (Knowledge To Action).

The donation was an important part of the pupil’s wider education, educating children about the importance of community action.

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“This was an amazing project for both the pupils and patients, which they thoroughly enjoyed,” Ilm2Amal Chief Executive Waqaus Ali said.

“It was a pleasure to see the smiles on the faces of the young patients and their parents, despite the difficulties that they face in their lives.”

The visit was praised by the Children’s Ward Manager Sister Cheryl Fitzgerald.

“Many thanks to the primary school pupils and to Ilm2Amal for their generous donations,” she said.

“You could tell from their reaction that our patients really appreciated the gifts.”