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Manchester’s Pogba Dedicates Goal to Libyan Migrants Sold as Slaves

MANCHESTER – Manchester United midfielder Paul Pogba, a devout Muslim, has dedicated his goal against Newcastle to migrants sold as slaves in Libya, drawing the world’s attention to the deteriorating conditions in the African country.

“While very happy to be back, my prayers go to those suffering slavery in Libya. May Allah be by your side and may this cruelty come to an end!” Pogba wrote on Instagram to explain his celebration after the goal, WTX reported.

Pogba scored his first goal for Manchester United since September, capping an excellent performance in the game.

His gesture followed news that broke last month of regular auctions across Libya, in which men were sold for as little as $400.

The shocking news raised huge concern amongst global aid workers and charities and The African Union condemned the “despicable” treatment of migrants in Libya brought to light by the report.

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The United Nations estimates there are currently 700,000 migrants in Libya.

Many of those immigrants cross the border to Libya driven by hope they may cross the Mediterranean to Europe.

On Saturday, protesters gathered outside the Libyan Embassy in central Paris to denounce the practice and urge authorities to act quickly.

Pogba also shared a similar post on twitter highlighting the very same issue.

Pogba is a French professional footballer who plays for Manchester United and France’s national team.

Born in 1993, the gifted player joined the French national squad in 2013 to play later in 2014 World Cup and  European Championship 2016.

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