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Mohamed Salah Inspires Liverpool Fans

LIVERPOOL – Once again, the outstanding Egyptian Muslim player Mohamed Salah has proven to be a true inspiration for Liverpool fans, who are always singing his praises, and expressing respect and admiration for his faith after each game.

“Salah scores again?? That’s it.. I’m Muslim now,” a Liverpool fan wrote on Twitter after the team’s game vs Southampton on Saturday.

In the game that ended 3-0 for Liverpool, Salah scored his thirteenth and fourteenth goals for the Reds in just eighteen games.

The result has earned Salah a huge support from Liverpool fans, with many even reached the level of saying they wanted to follow him and become Muslim.

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The tweets were widely shared, with many saying Salah was making Da`wah on the pitch.

The tweets echo an earlier one shared last August in which another fan said Salah was going to make him a Muslim.

Liverpool Fan: M. Salah Will Turn Me Muslim