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Islamophobia Awareness Month:

Muslim Leaders to Share their Stories to Inspire Others

UK is marking Islamophobia Awareness month by highlighting positive journeys, struggles, and achievements of British Muslims and the true scale of Islamophobia prevalent in the society.

The series of ‘In conversation’ events by leading British Muslims are organized by the Birmingham chapter of national community empowerment alliance Citizens UK.

Held at local venues, these discussions aim to engage with diverse communities across the city.

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The organization’s chair Mashkura Begum said that the Birmingham Leadership Stories highlight important strides made by Muslim women but also gaps that still need to be addressed.

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“We are looking forward to Citizens UK leadership event. It’s very important to us to use all opportunities to share the amazing work women from all walks are doing and achieving,” Begum told I AM Birmingham.

Muslim Leaders to Share their Stories to Inspire Others - About Islam

“However, there still remains much to be done around misogyny and hate crime especially for Muslim women which goes unnoticed and not prioritized.

“We hope during this Islamophobia Awareness Month we can amplify our voices to this silent barrier and be the catalyst for change.”

Chaired by Saidul Haque Saeed, Citizens UK’s lead organizer in the West Midlands, the series of talks continues with a conversation with Sheikh Nuru Mohammed at the Al-Abbas Islamic Centre in Balsall Heath on Monday 22 November.

Organized by Muslim Engagement and Development (Mend), the Islamophobia Awareness Month (IAM) is marked annually in November.

MEND is the UK’s primary organization devoted to empowering and encouraging British Muslims to engage in mainstream media and political activities.

Co-founded in 2012, IAM brings together Police and Crime Commissioners (PCC), local councils, media, and civic institutions to raise awareness of the rise and the risks related to pushing the Muslim community to the boundaries of mainstream society.