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Muslim Hailed for Helping Stop London Bridge Attacker

Mohammed, a kitchen porter, helped pin down the attacker

A Muslim whose name is only known as Mohammed has been revealed as one of the heroes who stopped London Bridge attacker, Usman Khan, during his knife rampage, Sun Online reported.

Mohammed, who works as a kitchen porter, sprang into action when he saw Khan wielding two knives during his lunch break.

He joined a group of men, including a Polish chef named Lukasz, who helped disarm Khan after he had killed two people and injured three others on Friday.

Mohammed was apparently filmed in one of the videos and is said to have been interviewed by officers before he went back to work.

Muslim Hailed for Helping Stop London Bridge Attacker - About Islam

Mohammed’s boss said: “He was there. He held the guy down. The terrorist was pinned down to the floor.”

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“He was on his break. He came back afterward to work. He didn’t say anything. He went back to work. He was washing dishes,” he added.

In a statement published Saturday, the Muslim Council of Britain commended police officers and the public response to the attack.

The Council also offered its condolences to the victims and their loved ones.

“Once again we have witnessed a horrific act of violence on our streets targeting innocent people. Sadly we mourn the loss of two people and my condolences go out to their loved ones. We praise the swift actions of our emergency services in containing the incident and preventing further loss of life,” MCB Secretary-General, Harun Khan, said.

“We now need to seek out from the authorities how a convicted terrorist was able to roam our streets and place the general public in such danger.”